Operation HEX lag was co-financed by the ERDF in 2022

Operation HEX lag was co-financed by the ERDF in 2022 for an amount of EUR 15,000.00.

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The purpose of the operation was to develop the  series of electronic instruments called HEX, primary among them HEXlag, and to plan and realise other necessary basic steps to market it. These included preparing a market analysis, checking the sales and marketing possibilities on the domestic and foreign markets, preparation of promotional materials, development of the web platform and creation of the overall graphic design. The purpose of the opration was also to engage in a mentoring scheme with more experienced protagonists from the business world and to create a prototype HEX lag instrument, augmented by the necessary user testing of the final product.

The objective of the operation was to create a company that, in addition to cooperating with shops and other sales platforms, will also be able to independently market electronic instruments and achieve sustainable growth both by selling the existing products as well as by facilitating the technological development of new products. Through an innovative model combining the sale of products with various educational and creative services (foremost  in  the form of workshops), the company was to reach a broader segment of users and potential customers.

Thus, throughout 2022 the operation supported setting up up a basic marketing infrastructure comprising of a web platform, an upgraded visual identity, the production of promotional materials, manuals, video and photo material, and also the development of the final