Host workshops with the artists

HEX also offers workshop under the mentorship it’s creators Anže Sekelj and Staš Vrenko. The aim is to build your personal electronic instruments from the semi-modular series of electronic instrument HEX.  Individual modules from the series can function both as independent instruments/effects or combined with larger modular systems and other electronic instruments. The purpose of the series is to enable musicians and the general public access to digital instruments that can help users in creating and composing more complex electronic productions.

It is a 3 hour workshop for max 10 participants with or without any previous knowledge of building electronic devices. It can be longer if we include an improvised performance by the participants and us. All of the participants will build their own HEX device.


We provide the synth ‘kits’ and would need a properly set-up space – stage platforms/desks, workshop light conditions, power extensions, small PA system (with possible connections to 3,5mm jack), 8-10 solder- ing irons, pliers, tweezers, solder, etc.


The workshop can also be performed online with kits shipped to the par- ticipants in advance. The organizer would need to provide all the tools necessary for the assembly (soldering irons, pliers, tweezers, solder, etc.) to the participants if they do not own them already.